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Customer Guarantee

RonyGraphics wants your online shopping experience to be pleasant because we value our customer’s satisfaction. All stock items are guaranteed of high quality. We use emails as confirmation regarding any changes to any product.

Responsibilities of the Customer

Occasionally we get an order, which a customer filled out the required information incorrectly within the ordering process. The ordering process can be conducted over the phone or on the Web Site There may have been a misspelled surname written down for the artwork on a coat of arms, or a misspelled shipping address, or a number of other mistakes that were made during the ordering process by the customer or by a representative of RonyGraphics. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide correct information in the ordering process. Since all orders {by phone or through website} have a receipt sent to the customer by email when the order is place, it is the responsibility of the customer to proof-read this information. If an order is taken over the phone or through our website, the only way to know what information was written down is by the emailed receipt, which both the customer and RonyGraphics will receive. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the receipt did reach them and was not stopped by their spam filter. Also it is the responsibility of the customer to proof read the receipt to make sure all the information is correct.

Return Policy

All items are considered specialty items as they contain a coat of arms, surname history and/or personal family details and therefore cannot be resold and are considered non-returnable items. Should damage or defect result due to company manufacturing of item then said item may be replaced with exact product originally ordered with any necessary corrections. All stock items are 100% guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects. Some inherent qualities of our wood frames and aged paper may appear as blemishes but are in fact inherent and considered a part of what makes each piece unique.

Our return policy allows 30 business days from date of shipment should a product contain a defect or damage. Such defect or damage may include errors such as misspelling, typing, etc. or in the handling of a package during shipment. All orders are packaged with care and sent by trusted carriers though susceptible to damage in handling especially in times of high volume such as Christmas. Should a package become damaged in shipment then photos of damage should be emailed to our customer service department for replacement guarantee. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact us within 30 days of shipment.

Each product replacement is handled individually. Some products may be easily replaced while others may not be immediately available due to stock issues. In such case a replacement product would be sent as soon as it becomes available for shipment to customer.

Return procedures

First a customer should contact us by phone or email to explain the problem with the product. In some instances it is not necessary to return the product. While in other instances the product will need to be returned for inspection. There will need to be a Return Authorization by RonyGraphics before the returned shipping will be financially paid for by The Tree maker. If a return authorization is granted then a shipping address will be provided by RonyGraphics to the customer, as there is more than one location that can be used depending on the product in question. Any returns sent to any other location “WILL BE REFUSED” and returned at the “Customer's Expense”.

Shipping charges for all returns will be the responsibility of the customer. Don’t Worry, the shipping charges will be reimbursed if the damages or imperfections was the fault of RonyGraphics. Please keep in mind that our goal is to please all of our customers, so this is not normally a problem.

Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions regarding Return Authorizations: call the following telephone number: +7 905 751-59-05 or email, contact person: Olga Rutko 

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General Issues:

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