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Rony Grahics is professional design agency. We provide all aspects of graphic design including secure design, design of personal and business letterheads, Coat of Arms and more others.

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Effect of surprise as the affordable document protection instrument

  Recently document protection technology become more complex, their development is not confined to the laboratories of various companies, but also in academic institutions. Modern methods of protecting printed products are mainly based on the complexity of reproduction, the high cost of material used and the device that makes the copy more expensive than the original. Special paper, special inks, very expensive equipment - it is necessa...
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Ancient and Modern Coat of Arms

Each person has name and a surname which are displayed by letters, and family symbol in art expression is coat of arms. What is the coat of arms ? In a translation from German this word means the «inheritance». The family coat of arms are obliged by the origin to desire and necessity of owners to show surrounding the right to the certain property. The family coat arms were represented on the seals by which the important documents, le...
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Secure Design Terms

Reversing Printing background or background image by black or color printer's ink with not printable area of only text image. Tangier In printing industry means gelatinous or celluloid film in one side of it brought relief image from systematically situated points or lines. Tangier used for getting reproduction of shading images on the area of shading cliché. It used rarely because now for tangier patterns used photomechanical ways of ...
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Manual for Recolor and Print Vecor Images

 In our galleries tangier grids are painted with 100% black or on the 2-colored grids 100% black and 100% magenta. For changing colors in .cdr file you need to choose the lines and set them new color. Use only PANTONE ® colors for typography printing in a different way you will have fringe of colors. For printing on inkjet or laser home / office printers it is no object. Recommended thickness of lines for typography offset printing is 4...
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