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Now the question of contrafact goods is sharp. There is a lot of different ways for defending pack with printing industry – using special paints, paper, printing technologies, special secure design. For maximum protection all this methods in use.

Frequently need to protect goods but not doing it very expensive (for example label should not cost much then product). And so most popular protection method is secure design. If it is necessary added another protection methods.

You can secure against counterfeited goods in a considerable degree if you will use special design of your pack that difficult to falsify like engraving, guilloche, etc.

Guilloche pictures are the necessary protect elements for all deed from season ticket to documentary stamps, certificate or capital issues. Expect it this elements use in decoration purposes for letterheads, formal documents, diplomas, etc. Design in style engraving frequently used on the deeds too.

Our company offer you collection of ready images and services of creating exclusive artworks by order.

Manual for prints

In our galleries tangier grids are painted with 100% black or on the 2-colored grids 100% black and 100% magenta. For changing colors in .cdr file you need to choose the lines and set them new color. Use only PANTONE ® colors for typography printing in a different way you will have fringe of colors. For printing on inkjet or laser home / office printers it is no object.

Recommended thickness of lines for typography offset printing is 40-80 micron for positives and 70-120 micron for negatives. For printing on inkjet or laser home / office printers - 70-100 micron for positives and 100-160 micron for negatives (reversives).

Most of laser printers don’t reproduce lines less 50 micron. Inkjet printers cannot reproduce thicknesses less 70-80 micron. Be carefully with preparing your image for print on different types of printing devises.

Use maximum quality of printing in options of your printer, for example «fine» «ultrafine» «high resolution», etc. For best quality with printing on inkjet printer is desirable to use photo paper.

Color replace

Use recommendations for your vector redactor for changing colors of lines. For example if you need to change lines in Corel Draw:

  1. Open your file with grid (rosetta, etc) in Corel Draw.
  2. Transfer Edit->Find and Replace and then->Replace Objects...
  3. Choose in menu point "Replace a color" and push the button “More”. You will go to to next window of change initial and finish colors.
  4. In the field “Find” choose the color what you want to change and in the field "Replace with" choose the color what you want to get. In menu "Replace color used as" chose "Outlines". Press "Finish".
  5. In appeared window "Find and Replace" choose "Replace All". So color of all your objects with stated initial color will be placed to what you want (your stated finish color).
  6. After finishing of this procedure the colors of lines or objects will be changed. You can use this procedure for changing another parameters for example thickness of lines.

For easy choose design elements from our galleries is convenient to use .JPG images or .PDF catalogues. Using design element from this site is not differ from using usual vector image in any vector redactor.



Printing background or background image by black or color printer's ink with not printable area of only text image.



In printing industry means gelatinous or celluloid film in one side of it brought relief image from systematically situated points or lines. Tangier used for getting reproduction of shading images on the area of shading cliché. It used rarely because now for tangier patterns used photomechanical ways of reproduction.

Tangier grid

Tangier grid means graphic grid from small geometrical figures and lines for creation the background on the reprint. Used as display element in advertising editions and as base element for production of maps, certificates, capitals.


It is special technology for protection documents and capitals with help of composition from guilloche elements displayed on the area of document that we want to protect.

Guilloche elements means image of big number of complicatelly crossed laced thing lines specified by mathematics formulas. This elements may be protect grids, rosettes, borders, vignettes and corners, etc. Guilloche design may be symmetry or asymmetry.

According of existing standards guilloche elements must occupy 70% or more of capital’s area. At that from this area the most part must contain multicolor guilloche compositions.

Iris print

It is special technology for protection documents with mix of colors. In printing companies use 2 paints. Now used emulation of iris print effect.

Iris print

Iris print (Emulation)


It is artist image on the paper or another carrier which was gotten as reprint from board with engraving image. Sometimes this term means printing form for making reprints.


The system of mixing colors "PANTONE" is the atlas of colors in fantail and based on using 8 base components. Developed by American company PANTONE. С. с. к. "P."


1 micron (mc)

Equal 0,001 mm. In printing industry used term “point” (pt) – it is unit of thickness. 1 pt = 0,353 mm = 353 mc.