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Effect of surprise as the affordable document protection instrument

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Added: 2012-03-25


Recently document protection technology become more complex, their development is not confined to the laboratories of various companies, but also in academic institutions. Modern methods of protecting printed products are mainly based on the complexity of reproduction, the high cost of material used and the device that makes the copy more expensive than the original.

Special paper, special inks, very expensive equipment - it is necessary to print money, forms of financial and legal documents, security forms.

But what if you want to protect is not too important a document and the budget allows only produce conventional printing inks on standard equipment - on the office / home printer or printing? In this case, you can use to protect the security design, which is not easy to replicate, and the effect of surprise.

Here are a few examples.

The first example. During the Second World War in the occupied territories were introduced ration cards, which allow a limited number of products distributed in the population. It is clear that these fake cards were a lot of visitors. But their design is constantly changing and has been kept secret until the release, and the duration of the cards was very small, so there was almost no fakes.

An example of the latter. One of our customers told us that the printing company did not manage to deliver on time tickets to the banquet, to which were invited about 300 persons. Tickets were to be distributed to the participants of a conference, which took place during a major exhibition, which immediately started after the banquet. The level of activity was very high, so the tickets were a high degree of protection. The fact that the tickets will not have time to deliver, it became known, when the time of their delivery to the left for 2 hours. The solution was this: go to the nearest printing company, which has offered to print the invitation and place it simple design, taken from one of the finished work. Invitations printed on a laser printer on white paper, a high density of 250 grams (standard paper has a density of 80 grams). Thus, for 2 hours the problem was resolved and the event were the only ones there who were planning to invite.

An example of the third. In every company there are many internal documents that do not play an important role, but nevertheless must be protected against counterfeiting. If from time to time make changes in design and execution of these documents, it will serve as an inexpensive way to protect them.



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04 April, 2012 15:40
Nick 05 April, 2012 13:53
Good article